Meat Substitute

Another edition of meat free meals! Today, inspired by our friends tacos and a coupon, I tried Quorn “beef” crumble! The texture was great, but the taste was a little off. However, I think it was because there was too little taco seasoning. There was more “beef” than I was expecting!

9/10 would make again, but with some modification to the seasoning.


Encouraging our listeners!

I’m so unbelievably proud! We received this photo from a friend. Inspired by our podcast, she made tacos with a meat substitute! Best yet, SHE LOVED THEM! We are thrilled to have had an impact like this on our friend. I can only hope to receive more stores like this! If you’re trying something we suggested in our latest episode, PLEASE share your story with us!

Meat Substitutes

Have you listened to our latest podcast? We promised to eat less meat in the new year and today we tried our first meat substitute! CORNDOGS! 😍 We are huge fans of corndogs and these were awesome! They tasted exactly like normal microwave corndogs. It was actually completely unexpected and wild.

10/10 would eat again – Cari

10/10 for corndogs – Caitlin

Episode 4 – An Eco-friendly New Year


Have you made your New Year’s resolution yet? We switched it up a little this week and decided to tell you all a little about our New Year’s resolutions. This year Cari and I have decided to protect our environment by making simple changes to our lives.

In particular, we talk about switching up our habits of using plastic straws because of their impact on sea turtles. You can find many reusable straws on amazon. Recently, I bought these straws from Amazon. You cannot taste the metal and they are easy to clean. I keep one in my purse and have stopped using straws when I go out to restaurants.

We also talk about meat consumption throughout this podcast. Both Cari and I want to eat less meat during the New Year. Most conventional meat is not only bad for the environment, but it also is dangerous for us. As we talk about in this podcast, conventionally raised meat is given an abundance of antibiotics which leads to mutations within the bacteria. These bacteria then become resistant and antibiotics and can lead to infections that are unable to be cured using antibiotics. If you would like to know more, you can check out this article as well as this article. Additionally, you can check out the actual study here.

Finally, we talk about ways to make your home more eco-friendly and save you money on your heating bills by closing up your windows with window kits. if your windows are as drafty as mine you should cover them easily with plastic window kits. Usually, you can find these in the home improvement section of your Walmart and in hardware stores.

We hope that our listeners take the time to try and be a little more eco-friendly this year. By no means are we saying that you have to do everything, but even making a small change could help out the planet and make your life better.


Fear not valued listeners, the holidays have not delayed our podcast! The next episode of Bugs&Stuff is on the way. Editing is taking place now and it should be live next week.

However, I do have bad news for you all. We decided to hold off on the promised episode talking about self care. Because of the timing of this months release we decided to discuss eco-friends options that you may want to implement as a new years resolution! We will come back to self care in another episode though, because we do think it’s important to talk about still.

We hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday if you celebrate, and an equally wonderful December if you don’t. Here’s to a hopeful and happy 2017!

Episode 3 – Weird Animals


In this episode of Bugs&Stuff Caitlin and Cari talk about weird animals and why the look so strange. Join us as we talk about the Naked Mole Rat, Aye Aye, and more! Also, feel free to comment if you have anything you want us to talk about in a future episode. Finally, you can find us on and on twitter at @awanderingpine and @ritzenresearch. Also, please like and rate us on iTunes if that’s where you get your podcasts. We can’t wait to hear from you!