Episode 13: Cricket Powder

Today we give you an actual episode about bugs! We’re talking about crickets and cricket powder with Dr. Aaron Dossey of All Things Bugs LLC. Dr. Dossey is a business owner, scientist, and fellow bug lover that has developed a method for drying crickets to make cricket powder. His powder has been featured in many different products including some companies on Shark Tank and on “Chopped”.

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Now you might be saying, “Ok Bugs & Stuff sure this stuff has been on chopped, but what does this stuff taste like?”. We can say that we’ve tried it and it wasn’t too bad. When you open the bag it has a slightly nutty flavor which is pretty easy to cover up with other ingredients. I wouldn’t say it would be great to eat alone, but you don’t usually do this with a plane tasting protein powder either. We recently made double chocolate mint cookies and they actually turned out pretty well (the recipe will follow shortly if you are interested). Dr. Dossey said that this cricket powder can also be used as a meat substitute when rehydrated. We haven’t tried this recipe, but as your Bugs&Stuff chef I may give it a go and I’ll let you know how that one turns out as well!

What makes Dr. Dossey’s cricket powder different from other powders is the way that he pasteurizes and dries his crickets. It’s actually rather difficult to dry a cricket because they have natural defenses against desiccation. When they are dried whole they seep out their natural oils and fats creating a bit of a mess. Really you need to grind through the crickets to fully dry them. This is similar to the way that whey protein is made. This method allows the powder to be quite fine in texture. It’s smooth like protein powder and easily incorporates as a substitute for protein power (or flour if you’re planning on making protein filled cookies).

Overall, it was a pleasure talking to Dr. Dossey. It was particularly interesting to hear about the food science and processing! We hope you check out Dr. Dossey’s cricket powder. Let us know if you try any interesting recipes.

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