Episode 33: Aquatic Insects

Today we spent time talking with PhD student and fellow bug lover, Megann Harlow. She is a student at the University of North Texas studying how aquatic insects can help us understand our water quality.

How can insects tell us about water quality? In a nutshell, certain insects live in cleaner water compared to other insects. Megann, and her lab, collect aquatic insects from water bodies on the Dallas Fort Worth Airport land, which makes up many watersheds. They then identify the insects and compare them to natural areas around the area to give the water a quality scale. We also talk a little about what it’s like being a mom and getting a PhD and Science Communication.

Megann goes into much deeper detail on our podcast so be sure to click the link. If you are interested check out her Twitter: @megannmae4 and Instagram: @megann_mae.

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Episode 32: People Who’ve Inspired us During our 25 Years

Today Caitlin and I celebrate our February birthdays with you by telling you about the people and experiences that made us want to be ecologists and science communicators. They’re all very important in making us the people we are today and wanted to share them with you! Thank you for listening!

Just to list a few:

  1. Dr. Shannon Pelini
  2. Caitlin’s parents. And mine.
  3. Mrs. Lowther
  4. Caitlin’s arboretum fam
  5. Walking with dinosaurs
  6. The Crocodile hunter – Steve Irwin
  7. Miss Frizzle and the Magic School Bus
  8.  Dr. Paige Jarreau – From The Lab Bench
  9. Michelle Barboza-Ramirez – Femmes of STEM


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Episode 31 – Glow little Glow Worm, glow

In this short episode, we’re talking about Glow Worms! These amazing little creatures have some awesome tricks to catch their food!

First and foremost, here is the Ant-Man and The Wasp trailer. You DEFINITELY need to check it out!


In case you’ve never seen Glow Worms before, check them out here. They’re pretty awesome.

Here is the Railroad Worm we were also talking about.

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Episode 27: Endangered Bugs

Hey everyone! We hope you liked our last episode because today we are dealing further into the topic of endangered species by specifically highlighting some endangered insects.

Often insects are overlooked or even intentionally eradicated no matter the species because people have such a distaste for them. They are creepy crawlies but they also have important roles within habitats. In this episode we discuss the reasons why insects should be protected. Everything from beetles to butterflies play an important role in our ecosystems. They help to decompose leaf litter and pollinate our crops.

We also spend some time teasing apart the issues of conservation. Why should we conserve endangered species, which endangered species should be conserve, and how do we afford to conserve everything? it’s a tough dilemma that we are all going to have to face at some point. Where do you stand on this topic? We would love to know!

If you would like to help endangered insects consider planting more plants in your yard other than grass. The Audubon society has a great article about planting native plants in your garden.

Other than planting within your own garden you can also help to build and conserve habitat for plants and animals near your home. The Nature Conservancy or your local land conservancy or trust is a great place to start looking to help out. And if you’re a grad student looking to get into a career in conservation these places are great to get more experience for the job market.


Episode 29: Endangered Species


Hey everyone, we’re back today with an episode about endangered species: why we are obsessed with the rare, how that’s detrimental to these species, and how we can help them.

Humans love rare and unique species, so it isn’t surprising that species often become more noticeable right when they are on the brink of extinction. For example, right now the Northern white rhino only has three remaining individuals but their rarity makes them a target for poachers. All three members have their very own team of body guards to protect them. The more rare and charismatic a species is the more likely it is to exploited by humans.

Endangered species are also important because they can help save other species within their habitat. Charismatic species, think the panda, help protect many other organisms because the land they reside on is protected from exploitation by humans.

If you would like to help out endangered species consider donating to one of the many institutions that help protect these species. Also, consider looking into conservation programs within your local community. And remember large beautiful or cute species aren’t the only species out there that need protection. There are many plants and small animals like insects that also need our help even if they aren’t particularly eye catching or cuddly.

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Episode 28: Resolutions and Support Us!

Happy New Year everyone! We hope your 2018 has started out well. This year we have some great new episodes planned including this one where we discuss our previous resolutions and our new resolutions for the podcast.

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Episode 27: Super bugs pt. 2

No we aren’t talking about antibiotic resistant bacteria, we are back today with part 2 of our super bugs episodes. This week we are talking again with Nancy and Nicole about our own perfect superheroes with buggy powers.

From roaches to butterflies we discuss the great characteristics of bugs and how they would make amazing superheroes. Personally, I think someone should create a movie where a moth themed superhero deflects the bat signal. I would love that movie. If you could create a bug superhero what would it be? Let us know.

Just to reiterate, if you need a bug expert for your comic or movie, call me. And if you’re a comic artist or someone who likes to draw who wants to make a bug superhero comic, PLEASE call me. Help me fulfill my dream!

Again, here are some pictures of the buggy heroes and villains we talked about this week:

Blue beetle:


Black beetle:




Killer moth:








Other information on things we talked about, if you’re interested, here’s a little about my hero academia and here is the super cool arachnid superhero JOURNAL ARTICLE! Seriously, how did someone get to spend time researching buggy superheroes and how do I join their team?!

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