About Us


Hi we’re Cari and Caitlin! We are both masters students at Bowling Green State University. We study bugs that live in the soils of forests. In particular we are interested in how nutrients affect the communities and eating habits of these guys.

We also enjoy sharing our love of science and experiences with all of you lovely people. We are both passionate about science communication, and we created this podcast to explain science and talk about our lives as graduate students. Here you can expect to hear a little bit about bugs and a bunch about the other stuff we do. But overall, it is our goal to make science exciting and fun for everyone!

Other than through out podcast you can see more of Cari and I our own blogs and Twitter, which you can find on our contact page. We love participating in outreach events through BGSU and other outlets like Imagination Station in Toledo. Right now, Cari is developing a program to teach students in Sandusky, Ohio about ecology.

Additionally, some fun facts about us! Cari is an avid fan of anything shark related, she has a grouchy but endearing turtle named Irwin, and her Instagram is littered with a certain wiener dog named Copper. Caitlin spends most of her day encouraging her lab mates that everything will indeed be ok, cooking delicious food, and getting irrationally excited about decorative  gourds.

(Exhibit A)