About Us


Hi we’re Cari and Caitlin, your awesome podcast hosts!

We met in grad school at Bowling Green State University studying bugs that live on the forest floor! In particular we were both interested in how nutrients in the soils affect the communities and eating habitats of the little guys!

Throughout the grad school process, we both found an intense love for science communication and education. We simply love outreach! It was this passion that inspired our podcast, Bugs&Stuff. Initially, we wanted to talk about science that inspires us, which eventually evolved into stories about graduate school. It’s honestly hard to think about much else when you’re going through something so difficult!

Now that we’ve both successfully finished our Masters, we’re trying to find our place in the world of science communication and outreach. Many of our topics will be of our adventures trying to find our place, but we want to help other researchers talk about their science! But wait, that’s not all! We’re finally going to talk about BUGS! Along with other ecological topics in our new series episodes!

The path we’re currently on:


Caitlin – Science communication intern at the Morton Arboretum! Though temporary, she’s KILLIN’ IT over there in Illinois! Caitlin makes presentations, tables at events, writes, and loves every minute of it. She’s gaining all the skills she needs to move on to a career in sci comm! If you want to know more about her job, you can actually hear about it here! Caitlin also blogs on her own site and that usually includes some delicious recipes!


Cari – Doing a little bit of everything while trying to discover her dream job… She’s an intern with Planting Science, a community leader with The Junior Academy, a classroom coordinator with Letters to a Pre-Scientist, and a fellow with a local elementary school! All while being a mentor for both Planting Science and The Junior Academy and participating in every outreach event that comes across her desk.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’re also starting a new podcast called In The Elements with the Meteorologists over on Weather Junkies and Weather Ready or Not. A podcast that shares amazing science stories through a human lens! Our episodes will be highlighting how humans and ecology interact, whether that be through algal blooms in the Great Lakes or wolves in Idaho.