Episode 16: Updates, interviews, outreach, and more!

Join us for this multi-subject episode! We talk a little bit about what we’ve been doing lately, which includes interview advice, outreach advice, and a little bit about what its like being a lady in STEM.

Caitlin talks about the amazing interviews she’s been having lately, so everyone PLEASE cross your fingers for her! I’ll talk about my time in Atlanta teaching at a cub scout camp! I also give a little advice about planning for a day camp like that one. Moving on, we talk a little bit about the sexism I experienced while there because it was the first time I experienced something like that directly. We know that we were lucky to only be facing this now. Some ladies experience sexism daily in STEM fields. So, its important to talk about. I also ramble excitedly about the amazing nature centers in southern Florida. We hope you enjoy this update!

There’s also still time to take our survey! Click here and we will forever love you!

P.S. sincerest apologies for my cold throughout this episode! Oh and in case you were wondering, Caitlin caught her first lightning bug after we recorded this episode!

Updates on the hotdog-sandwich debate: most are saying no, a hotdog is not a sandwich for various reasons. Some say it’s because it’s on a bun, not sandwich bread. Others say it’s because the bun is not in two parts. And a few have said it’s because the hotdog is a log of meat and not sliced meat. What’s your opinion?



The adorable scene put up at the cub scout camp that was absolutely cute enough to share!


The amazing displays at Biscayne National Park that I loved!


A very cool nature center in the keys! This is the one with the amazing light up map I was talking about!


Me petting a nurse shark at the Key West Aquarium (disclaimer: I was also worried about her carrying around the shark out of water, but she assured me he would be okay).


The hospital room in The Turtle Hospital.


Turtle who have Bubble Butt Syndrome. You can see the added weight very clearly on the turtle to the left.


This turtle, named Chuck Norris, has been through a lot, including a boat strike and a shark attack!


Other turtles in the hospital for various reasons.


Here’s a turtle with many fibropapillomas on the face, neck, and front flippers.


Awesome links from this podcast:

Special shout out to Cyber Squid Radio’s Logan who made us a new jingle! You can also find them about Sound Cloud. It’s a podcast about science news and science in pop culture!

Biscayne National Park

The Turtle Hospital

Femmes of STEM! A podcast about the wonderful ladies in STEM that are unfortunately often forgotten.




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