Episode 7: Outreach

Here is our newest episode! This is going to be a short post because I got way to excited about our Girl Power event last week! If you want to read more about what we did at the girl power event, check out this post! Other than that, this podcast focuses on outreach and how you can get involved.

We strongly suggest that you get involved in outreach if you are a scientist, and if you are a student definitely seek out different resources to find an outreach event close to you. For both groups, it may be helpful to contact local universities and museums to find out more about events in your area. I’m sure you can find plenty of events that you can get involved with if you just do a little digging! Additionally, if you need a little help feel free to send us an email and we can try to give you ideas about people to contact!
Also, I want to say that we are slowly moving our blog over to WordPress! We will still be posting here for the time being to allow people the chance to move over. Check out that blog here!

Also one other thing, our Soundcloud subscription only allows us to have 3 hours of active uploads at a time. If you want to listen to some of our older clips you can check them out here or you can visit us on iTunes! Just search Bugs & Stuff and it will take you to our podcast page. If you have any trouble please feel free to send us an email. We want you all to have the best experience possible!

And as always we love you, we’ll see you, and goodbye!


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