Bonus Episode – Bill Nye The Science Guy

Today we have a surprise episode for you all. We went to Bill Nye this past weekend and it was amazing so we thought we would share our time. He was at the Stranahan Theater in Toledo, Ohio promoting his new book, Unstoppable. He also spent most of the time speaking about the importance of understanding climate change and innovation. It was truly inspiring!

Hope you all enjoy and stay tuned for our next podcast. We will actually be talking about strange animals and why they look the way they do!

Episode 2 – Our Families Explain Our Science

Here is the second installment of Bugs & Stuff Podcast. In this episode we introduce our families and put them on the spot to answer questions about what we both did for our research. We also give our own answers to these questions and try to give some advise for talking to non-scientists about our work.

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Thanks for listening!