Episode 1 – ICE2016

In our first episode of Bugs&Stuff, Caitlin and I are talking about our recent experiences at an international conference! We’re also giving a little bit of advice for you for your next conference!

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Welcome! We are Cari and Caitlin, two master’s students in the Pelini Lab at Bowling Green State University, studying the interactions between bugs and their environment. More specifically, both of our work focuses on how micronutrients, like sodium and calcium, affect the bugs on the forest floor.

We started this podcast because we are both incredibly excited about sharing our science and experiences of grad school with the world. Scientific communication is becoming increasingly important as scientist aim to engage the public because everyone deserve to understand the world around them.

Cari and I hope that you will stick around and geek out with us about bugs, science, and communication! You can check our podcast on ITunes by searching Bug & Stuff or on Soundcloud. Also you can check out both of our personal blogs and on twitter from our contact us page!

If you have any questions let us know and we would be happy to answer. Thanks for checking us out!